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As we use a variety of suppliers the intricacies of the menu changes almost daily. Please use these as a guide. We also run meats and cheese nights where the selection is varied further. And in addition we partner with local pop up chefs to offer a wider variety of food choices than our host food.


Tipsy Brunch

Tipsy toasted sourdough & butter £3
Peanut butter, honey, jam, Marmite, marmalade, Nutella (all 50p) avocado (£1), smoked salmon (£1.50)
Croissant £2
Toasted cheese croissant £3
Toasted prosciutto croissant £3
Toasted cheese & prosciutto croissant £3.50
Porridge £4
with raisins, nuts and honey

Tipsy Boards

Bread & olives (V) £5
Falafel, houmous & pitta bread (V) £5
Tipsy Ploughman’s £10
Sourdough, cheddar, blue cheese, gherkins, ham, nuts, onion chutney & salad
Meat £10
A selection of award winning charcuterie served with salad, bread & nuts – ask your server for today’s meats
Tipsy Mezze £12
Pitta bread, houmous, chorizo, prosciutto, olives, falafel, sundried tomato & halloumi skewer, artichokes & feta salad
Veggie (V) £7
Cucumber, tomatoes, pesto, houmous, wholemeal pitta, salad, olives & crisps
Smoked salmon £8
Smoked salmon, salad, cucumber, sundried tomatoes & olives
Cheese & crackers (V) £8
Somerset cheddar, local Wigmore, French Bleu d’Auvergne & Rustic Rachel goats cheese


Halloumi & cucumber (V) £5
with sweet chilli jam
Halloumi, fresh avocado & tomato (V) £6
Mediterranean & sweet potato falafel (V) £5.50
with houmous
Ham & Somerset cheddar £5.50
sweet red onion chutney
Superfood (V) £5
with cucumber, sundried tomatoes, avocado & nuts


Soft succulent prosciutto £5
Somerset cheddar & prosciutto £6
Somerset cheddar & tomato (V) £5.50
Ham & Somerset cheddar £6
Tipsy Ploughman’s £6.50
with ham, cheese & sweet red onion chutney
Smoked salmon £6
with cucumber & cream cheese
Tipsy tuna & cheddar melt £5.50
Fiery chorizo £6
with Somerset cheddar & jalapenos
Tomato, mozzarella & pesto (V) £5.50
Houmous, avocado & tomato (V) £5
Halloumi, avocado & tomato (V) £6
Mediterranean & sweet potato falafel (V) £5
with houmous


Smoked salmon £7
with olives, cucumber & sundried tomatoes
Goats cheese & beetroot (V) £6
with onion marmalade & nuts
Tomato, mozzarella & pesto (V) £5
Superfoods (V) £6
with avocado, sundried tomatoes, olives, nuts & onion marmalade
Halloumi, cucumber & sweet chilli (V) £5.50
Halloumi, avocado & tomato (V) £5.50
Greek (V) £5.50
with sundried tomatoes, olives, artichokes & feta


Pretzel bowl (V) £3
Luke’s superfood crisp bowl with dip (V) £3.50
Olives (V) £3.50
Nut bowl (V) £3.50
pistachios, almonds, pecans
Sourdough bread with butter (V) £2.50
Grilled halloumi (V) £2.50
Pitta bread & houmous (V) £2.50
Grilled Mediterranean & sweet potato falafel (V) £2.50


Tipsy bruschetta (V) £5
Garlic, pesto & freshly chopped tomatoes
Tipsy pizza bread (V) £6
Caramelised onion chutney, creamy goats cheese & sundried tomatoes
Pepperoni £6.50
Pepperoni & buffalo mozzarella
Meaty feast £6.50
Loaded with pepperoni, chorizo, prosciutto & buffalo mozzarella
Fiery £6.50
Chorizo, sundried tomatoes, jalapenos & buffalo mozzarella
Greek (V) £6
Olives, sundried tomatoes & creamy, crumbly feta


We go out of our way to source suppliers from within the local area.
Find out more about our suppliers here »