We go out of our way to source suppliers from within the local area.

The bread is baked overnight and hand delivered everyday from a local entrepreneur on her way to stardom. Check out Laura at

Pastries are delivered daily from an array of local bakers. All are fresh. All use only natural ingredients. All are delicious. The list includes Laura above, and Libby from across the road.

The jam is from The Jam Lady of Caversham. She collects local fruits and transforms them into the most wonderful jams in her Kitchen in Caversham. If you have any fruits you want to swap for jam then please get hold of her!

The Pangbourne Cheese Shop is such a beautiful example of local entrepreneurs smashing retail. We love going there to try new and interesting cheeses from all over the UK and further afar. We get the majority of our cheeses from them


All the meats including our prosciutto, chorizo, salami and pepperoni  are bought locally from our next door neighbors, Jennings Butchers. Jennings are an award winning catering and retail butchers, preparing and supplying quality produce for over 90 years.

We are fast becoming famous for our delicious organic, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, peanut/tree-nut free, whole grain, non-GMO and Kosher crisps! You get the picture – they are so super good for you it’s truly hard to believe they are crisps. They are indulgent, moor-ish, and delicious, yet not bad for you. Oh how the culinary world is improving so!

Whilst we appreciate they are made in San Francisco (the home of the health food movement!) the European wholesaler is based in Early so we thought you’d forgive us given the flavour!

Coffee is sourced from Happy Donkey. We were introduced through Tamp Culture – the every popular coffee shack outside the back of the Oracle. Their coffee is second to none so we thought we’d get a similar quality blend. And to top it off Happy Donkey is a guy based in Reading town no less he also sells to the general public so if you like great coffee you should check him out.

Milk – we promote dairy free, refined sugar free, generally added nonsense free food. That’s why alongside cow’s milk we offer unsweetened almond milk. Unsurprisingly this option is flying off the shelves, especially for children in their Minichino’s. Likewise for adults in their Tipsychinos!

Delicious fruit and vegetables come from Dudman’s – a local fruit and veg wholesaler – with an excellent long standing reputation across Berkshire for quality and service

Wine’s are very important at Tipsy. We have sourced a niche London wine importer with exclusivity on all their lines. This means we here in Caversham have access to independent vineyards from across the globe. The kind of places you imagine to be well cared for through years of family vines being tended to perfection

We have interesting gins, whiskey’s, rums etc on the list and we get them from

We source ales from Yattendon, London, and Oxfordshire. We are blessed in the UK with a spurt in artisan brewers, especially here in the Thames Valley. We think you’ll like the selection in Tipsy from and

As we all become that little more conscious of what our bodies need to function to their prime, the consumption of alcohol is not always the first thing on the agenda of modern revellers. In that light Tipsy has a well developed non alcoholic offering. Sameulson’s take Blenheim Palace mineral water and add fruits and sugars (on special occasions it’s OK!!!) to turn out fantastic fruit juices

If you want to enquire about any of our suppliers, or want to become a supplier then please email us at – we are always on the look out for quality local interesting suppliers